Hokie genes

Virginia Tech football… …a family affair. [My sister DID go to UVa…and UVa DID upset #12 Georgia Tech this weekend, which IS sort of a big deal.]

Key play

These are David’s keys. They were a gift from my good friend JennyLynn and they have quickly become David’s first and favorite toy.  Whenever I shake them he immediately smiles and waves. Sometimes he (sort of) bats at them, and if he ever hits them, he holds on and won’t let go. We play with them at

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Weekend visitors

This weekend David had some special visitors all the way from Southwest Virginia. He met his great-uncle David. All my life we’ve called my mom’s brother “Uncle David” and, when we need to distinguish the two, my brother has been “little David” or (when he was younger) “baby David.” Now that David Andrew is here,

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Vickie Lee.

For the past month or so our friends and family have been generously providing us with dinner. It’s awesome. Before David was born I thought making dinner for a family was just a nice thing to do. Now I know how incredible it is. We’ve gotten a few rotisserie chickens, and can I just say:

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