Setting him up for perennial heartbreak

Fanatics, the leading online retailer of officially licensed sports merchandise, invited me to be part of their Future Fanatics campaign to show how the super-fans of tomorrow are getting their start. has everything from MLB hats to football jerseys from your favorite college team. Or if you still need a World Cup jersey, they’ve got those, too.

Tom and are both Hokies, so our kids are born Hokies, but curating a true fan takes time, repetition and patience. And it means that, as his parents, Tom and I have a responsibility to make sure one of David’s earliest memories is chanting the Hokie cheer at the breakfast table.

Kick-off is sixty days away. Sixty days. 

And with Lightning McQueen on our side, how can we lose?

The shirt David is wearing in the video was a lucky find at Old Navy. It’s two years old, stretched and faded and past it’s prime. But we keep it around, honestly, because I’ve had a hard time finding affordable, decent quality Virginia Tech gear. Anyone have any suggestions?

So far I’m super-impressed with Hokie selection at I think I know a little blonde boy who’s going to get a Virginia Tech hoodie for his third birthday.


  1. Lynsie July 2, 2014

    When I was preg with baby #1 we found this yard sale in GA and they were selling some VT baby clothes. We bought a few things because we were young and dumb and didn’t realize how expensive baby Hokie things were, that our families wouldn’t constantly supply them, and that this was an unusual gold mine. We regret not buying everything they had, and leaving our names and numbers.

    • amandakrieger July 2, 2014

      aaaah! that’s crazy! my kids literally have zero hokie gear right now. it’s SO expensive!!


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