Sleep deprivation

Does anyone else think he looks like he’s only pretending to sleep in this photo? He might have been. He woke up when the shutter clicked. Faker! Speaking of sleep, Tom and I had the following conversation at 5am. Amanda: Tom! Guess what, this is the first time David’s woken up since 11, he slept

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Smile for me.

He’s been doing it for a while now. That reflexive, infant smile. You know, the one some moms blame on gas but love nonetheless. Here’s what I called David’s newborn smile. To get this shot, I held the camera by my face for about five hours hoping lightning would strike. BAM. But now, we’re pretty

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Good morning. Every morning, before he does anything else, David does his morning stretches. I undo his swaddle. He arches his back. And raises his arms. Feels so goooood! Ok, mommy, now I’m ready to start the day.

Babies don’t keep

My mother in law told me about this poem, and I love it. Too often I find myself wishing the newborn phase away (I want to interact with this kid, yo!) so I appreciate reminders that this is a quick and precious phase, the laundry can wait (not that the house has ever been that

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The first two weeks

Having a newborn in the mix makes things hectic, sure, but things have been extra-hectic around the 804 in the first two weeks of David’s life. August 23 – We don’t have earthquakes in Virginia. I equate earthquakes with volcanoes, they’re other people’s problems. But 5 days after David’s birth, we had a 5.8 earthquake

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