Baby’s first half-marathon

That title is actually a misnomer. Mary Virginia isn’t participating in the race this weekend. (Though people do ask if I’m pushing the stroller in the race. Um, no thank you. Strollers aren’t allowed in the race, but even if they were, no thank you.) Even if she was, it wouldn’t be her first half.

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Running…an update

It’s been seven weeks since I last posted about running. It’s too bad, because I’ve come a long way since then…literally and figuratively. My first run after having Mary Virginia seems so long ago because running feels totally different now. It has been a slow process, but my daily run no longer seems insurmountable. And

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Drawing battle lines

There’s a pile of maternity clothes folded on the floor of my bedroom. Even though I’m still shaped like Humpty Dumpty, my maternity clothes don’t fit anymore, so they’re waiting to be sent back to the attic. They’re sitting in my closet, under my regular clothes that don’t really fit either. Ah, postpartum is such

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