March Madness

We’ve officially reached the phase of life when team loyalty means taking pictures of your kids wearing gear and posting it on the Internet.

Actually, I guess I’ve been doing that for a while. For some reason getting everyone dressed before they head off to school feels like a new level of devotion.

(Especially because Thomas refused to wear his jersey because it’s “too big.” And Mary wouldn’t wear hers because it wasn’t fancy enough. Sorry, Mary, when Hokies use the word “fancy” it’s usually not a compliment.)

The Hokies are projected to win tonight, but we could have already told you that.

The fact that I’m dreading the 10 p.m. game time is evidence that I’m not in college anymore, nope, not even close. I’ll stay up long enough to post some videos of Tom standing, but I’ll probably be in bed before half-time.

And these little Hokies? They’ll be in bed hours before the pre-game.

The kids have been really excited about March Madness this year. Tom helped them fill out these mascot brackets, and WOW the smack talk between kids can be BRUTAL.

Meanwhile, this is the first year I didn’t fill out a bracket for the first time in well over a decade. I’m devoted to posting videos of Tom on Instagram, and dressing my kids in Virginia Tech gear for the duration of our March Madness run, but I couldn’t manage a bracket before tipoff. I’m only one woman.

For the record, if I HAD filled out a bracket it’d look something like this: Virginia Tech goes all the way, UVa loses in the first round, and so do all the teams vaguely associated with any of my ex-boyfriends. We have friends at the bus stop who are big Tennessee fans, so I’d pick them to make it at least to the final four.

After all, college sports are all about heart.

Happy March Madness — go Hokies!



  1. Gayle Ann March 22, 2019

    Remember about 10 years ago when ESPN had all those great commercials about team rivalries? Although, my husband and I now snicker at that word. The last few years, it seems that each weekly rivalry is described as a rivalry, particularly with Rutger’s ill advised entry to the Big10.

    Carl went to Syracuse, who played at 10 last night. It ended much as we expected, although not as badly as we thought. The Buckeyes play at 9:50 tonight. The thing about most spots, however, is that there is always next year.

    We are very fortunate. I went to a football school that would like to have a decent basketball team, and he went to a basketball school that wants also have a basketball program. I don’t know that we’d still be married if we had teams that regularly play each other. We just aren’t the type who could handle a mixed marriage.

    Good luck tonight!

    PS Remember that when the dog comes, you’ll need to get him/her appropriate fan gear.

    • amandakrieger March 23, 2019

      oh you are right! dog team gear is a MUST!
      and, yes, there’s always next year. unfortunately that’s a perennial salve for us. sigh. perhaps this year will be different!
      good luck in the tournament!

  2. Shelby March 25, 2019

    This is adorable! We are rooting for our Michigan wolverines in our house!! Happy March Madness!! Haha!

  3. Julia March 27, 2019

    This is adorable. I will definitely get Gonzaga gear for my kids next year.

  4. Melissa March 27, 2019

    Such cuties, go VT!


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