Geaux Hokies!

I bought David this onesie specifically for the Sugar Bowl.

The only clothing we bought before David’s arrival was Virginia Tech clothes. We didn’t know if he was a boy or a girl and we didn’t want to invest too much in baby clothes. Good thing maroon and orange are gender neutral.

I did the calculations, by bowl time my baby would be under 5 months old, so I had onesies and sleepers up to size 6-9 months. SURELY they would fit…and probably last through part of basketball season, right? Wrong.

Good thing sports apparel was on sale at Target last week.

After the ACC Championship debacle and the surprise at-large pick for the Sugar Bowl, Hokies started saying things like, “A spoonful of sugar helps the Clemson go down.”

I suppose so.

We’ll find out for real tonight.

Go Hokies!

P.s. I used the fleece blanket my sister gave me for my high school graduation gift as a backdrop for David’s photo. See how nice it is?


  1. sarah O'Dell January 3, 2012

    My child, who will not be born for 8 more weeks, has been given 5 outfits to date. 3 of them are Hokie outfits. I feel you 🙂 P.S. – I totally stalk your blog. Love it 🙂

  2. Amanda S Krieger January 3, 2012

    shouldn’t baby o’dell be getting UNC outfits!?<br>(8 weeks to go! you are SO in the countdown!)

  3. Grammy January 4, 2012

    and he still has that perfect smile!

  4. sarah O'Dell January 5, 2012

    Yes. Yes, he should. But his father is such a Hokie…as is his father’s whole family and friends…and well, you know how those Hokie fans are. they’re a little crazy about their Hokies 🙂


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