Alonzo Tweedy, you made my weekend

Things get crazy whenever Virginia Tech plays Miami. 

Remember 2003? I do.

“…Folks, we go to noisy stadiums all around the country, I’m not sure we have ever been at a scene where fans are any more pumped than they are right here tonight. Waiting right now for the Hokies to take the field, they are jumping, they are screaming, and it’s been this way for the last 30 minutes…”

Tom was so excited after the game he kissed the goal post. (They lower them when fans rush the field. This is probably because it’s harder to kiss them when they’re up.)

This is the first time I’ve ever seen this picture. When I was looking through old pics from the game I found various shots of our friends kissing the goal post. Ah, memories. This is also back when Tom wore hemp necklaces and had his ears pierced. Also known as: the good ole days.

The hurricanes came to Blacksburg this weekend and it was just as intense, just as awesome (minus goal-post-kissing. Some memories just can’t be replicated).

“Look at this. This is just spectacular. These people are losing their minds! This is beautiful.”

Couldn’t agree more, Mr. Announcer.

Since I was holding a fussing baby (he started fussing right when Miami scored. Coincidence? I think not.) I couldn’t throw myself on the ground and jump on the couch like the rest of the people at my house were doing.

David continued celebrating through the weekend. That win definitely deserved a VT onesie on Sunday.

Those of you who can read lips will know he’s saying “Go Hokies” here. We’re so proud.

Flag update: rain doesn’t get wrinkles out of collegiate flags. Who knew?

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  1. Richkrieger October 20, 2011

    3 adorable pictures of Amanda Panda and Doodlebug! Love these pics! "Pops"


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