Key play

These are David’s keys.

They were a gift from my good friend JennyLynn and they have quickly become David’s first and favorite toy. 

Whenever I shake them he immediately smiles and waves. Sometimes he (sort of) bats at them, and if he ever hits them, he holds on and won’t let go.

We play with them at least twice a day.

It’s not just play, though. He’s preparing for key plays against Clemson this Saturday. 

This is a big game, arguably Virginia Tech’s first real test this season. And big games mean big third-downs. And big third-downs mean get out your keys. 

P.S. Have you ever tried to hold an infant and jingle plastic keys all while holding, aiming and focusing a camera? It is hard.  So hard I think it should be the requirements for a photo contest. Most of my shots turned out like this.

Or with some weird facial expression, like this.

…but just the fact that he was patient enough to let me take a ton of pictures proves my point: this kid loves his keys.


  1. Grammy October 1, 2011

    Enough about VT; I can’t believe HOW MUCH David Andrew has changed.

  2. Amanda S Krieger October 1, 2011

    admit it, mom, you love the vt stuff.<br>he has REALLY changed. he’ll be in 3-6 months clothes when we come visit!

  3. Kristie October 2, 2011

    ….maybe he didn’t rattle his keys loud enough?


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