ACC Championship

Virginia Tech plays Clemson tonight for the ACC Championship.

Meanwhile, my mom is going to be so happy when I stop blogging about Virginia Tech football.

I cannot wait for the game. (Even though it starts at 8pm. Come on! Who schedules these things!? Consider the new moms!) I feel confident. I can’t wait to get this game under our belt and take the trophy to Blacksburg where it belongs.

We’ve already lost to Clemson once this year. Though I’m no football analyst, Virginia Tech is a different team and Clemson is a different team since that last meeting. When we played earlier this season, we had a green quarterback who was just figuring things out, and Clemson was at the top of their game. 

Now we have a quarterback who has completed 64.2% of his passes for 1,181 hards with 12 touchdowns and no interceptions and has run for 197 yards and 9 touchdowns (Thank you, These statistics are weird and only count five “big” games. The point I’m trying to make is, looking back, we could have named our son Logan Thomas Krieger and not regretted it). 

And did you see this:

“Now this is no ordinary quarterback.”

Clemson, however, is sort of falling apart.

Maybe that’s reason enough to be nervous. Tech does better when they’re underdogs. Going to Charlottesville to play UVa, all anyone was talking about was how awesome the ‘Hoos were.

Boom. Game over.

Speaking of ‘Hoos, after the game my sister and I got tangled in a little trash talk. It’s inevitable. After all, we are sisters. 

At this point I feel like trash talk is sort of ridiculous because Virginia Tech has been so dominant in the past decade. It’s obvious who the better team is. (Plus, this is my blog so what I say goes at this particular URL.)

And if there’s anyone who would like to suggest that Virginia Tech recruits “thugs” in order to “win football games,” and THAT’S why we’re dominant, I would like to invite them to look at the game stats and let me know which team got all the personal fouls.

Thank you.

However. When I graduated from high school my sister, a first year at UVa, got me a maroon Virginia Tech blanket as a graduation gift. It’s awesome. It’s on my couch right now. Because even though she’s a Cavalier through and through, we are sisters.

David will be wearing his VT onesie again tonight. Then after our bowl, I promise, mom, no more football.

Until next season.


  1. Grammy December 3, 2011

    it’s…….. just that David Andrew has top bill!

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