64 seconds with David

The other day during dinner, David was shoving corn in his mouth without putting his water down. He did it for like five minutes straight, which is 34 years in toddler time. Once I went to get the camera, though, he stopped. Toddlers are spiteful like that.

As soon as he put his water down I almost turned the camera off, but I’m glad I didn’t.

This video is a perfect snapshot of David’s personality; his insatiable appetite, how he makes sure his water is just so in the cup holder, his sudden concern for the whereabouts of his ball and his daddy, and then when he remembers he hadn’t thrown a fit about having to wear a bib.

If I had to give a ten-minute report summarizing the past 20 months of David’s life, I would show this video ten times.

We could also use it if we ever needed to sell David on eBay, what with the rising cost of corn these days.


  1. Meredith April 25, 2013

    Hahaha so cute. His “accent” sounds a lot like Addison’s! They must both be from Virginia. 🙂

  2. Jenny April 25, 2013

    He’s so darn cute. I love the things that toddlers take seriously.

  3. Peggy April 25, 2013

    You laugh, but it’s not easy to keep track of every ball you’ve ever seen. I, for one, am glad David does this every day so I don’t have to. Keeping track of Daddy did not seem to have nearly as much urgency.

  4. Grammy April 26, 2013

    How sweet! No privacy. He has to make sure Daddy is okay!


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