Guest starring Mary Virginia

When we ask David what a cow or a chicken or a pig says his default answer is to roar. You’d be surprised at how many animals a roar is appropriate for. Tiger, bear, buffalo, dragon, Daddy, Mary Virginia.

Four out of five of these sounds he came up with on his own. One of them I taught him. Or maybe drilled would be a better description.


  1. Grammy August 28, 2013

    I think I’m finally used to the comment section being at the top of the post. This is “starring” Mary Virginia?” David’s hair is just likes yours at the same age.

  2. Amanda K. August 28, 2013

    no, it’s guest starring mary virginia. david is the star!

  3. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast September 1, 2013

    So cute!! I think I can guess which one you taught him. 🙂


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