When we told the kids


Technically, Mary Virginia’s first guess was right.

Our kids have been suspecting a pregnancy for over a year (Mommy, do you have a baby in your belly? Then why is your belly so big?), and so once we found out we had another baby on the way, I was so, so excited to tell them.

They all want the baby to be a girl to even things out. David gets mad if we even suggest having a boy, and Mary Virginia wants a sister, even though they’ll have to share a bedroom until they’re paying their own rent.

David DOES NOT want to discuss names until he sees the baby. Only then will he know what to name it. Mary Virginia wants Thomas Jr. for a boy, Hard Back for a girl, but only if she has a hard back. If she ends up NOT having a hard back, well then, we’ll have some thinking to do.

They are SO EXCITED, and at this point they don’t even realize that this means nine months of a lot more spontaneous trips to the donut shop.

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  1. Meredith June 17, 2017

    So good. Hilarious. Addie pats my belly regularly and raises her eyebrows smiling saying “eh? Eeeehh???”


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