Water sports

Every day at the lake revolved around the sweetheart of summer: water. Like the name suggests, Smith Mountain Lake is in the mountains, and it’s considerably cooler and less humid than it is in Richmond. Plus, the week we were there happened to be an unusually cool week. But that didn’t keep us from being in our bathing suits, all day, every day.

At first touch David loved it. On the first day he was jumping off the dock and going under water. He woke up from his nap saying, “More water! More water! More fall in water with Daddy!” (That last part is translated from the original, “More fall water Daddy!”)

By the end of the week he was sort of over it and just wanted to play on the dock. When we asked if he wanted to swim? Kayak? Paddle board? Fall water Daddy? He said “NO!” with a tone of such annoyance as if, didn’t we know? He’d already conquered the lake. Time to move on.

DSC_5132 DSC_5303


DSC_5465 DSC_5462 DSC_5429 DSC_5420 DSC_5274 DSC_5254

The crazy thing is that these pictures don’t even scratch the surface. I don’t have pictures of the boys or Berkley Grace on the tube, or of Lindsay making the paddle board look so easy that the rest of us were willing to try it.

And then there’s this. I already posted this video on Facebook, but I have to post it again because David’s not even two, you know? And this will be great to include in NBC’s video compilation of David’s swimming career when he breaks Michael Phelps’s gold medal record in the Olympics.



  1. alisa adams August 19, 2013

    wonderful, wonderful….thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Jenny Ramsey August 19, 2013

    Um, can you take me with you next time? I PROMISE I won’t make you rub aloe on me if I get sunburned. 😉

  3. Teresa August 20, 2013

    seriously you guys are all drop dead gorgeous!!! your son’s smile is by far my favorite! i love the name of your blog. not only because my daughter’s name is Grace but because we do “Live on Grace” thank you for your blog and for honoring Christ through your posts and reminding us that we ARE because of His grace.

  4. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast August 21, 2013

    Wow! He did awesome in the water!! My daughter is still not a big fan of getting water in her face… but she’s getting better. Gorgeous photos!


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