Uncle D and Caweb

During the week we spent at Smith Mountain Lake, David hardly asked to watch TV at all. Because who could stare at a screen when we have non-stop access to Caleb!?

These two boys have been friends from the very beginning, and I marvel about how well they played together from the start, even way back when David was only a year old, and Caleb wasn’t quite two.

Now, whenever Caleb enters the room, David greets him with a high-pitched squeal, “CAWEB!!!!”

Ask David what he wants to do on any given day, the answer is “Go to Caweb’s house.” If Caleb is an option, he’s all David can see. He is David’s moon, stars, best friend, and choice for president.

These boys have very, very different personalities. And, sure, they fight. They don’t always share and sometimes their wrestling gets a little too rough. As the week went on, every now and then one of them would have an existential crisis because Caleb wanted to play upstairs and David wanted to play downstairs. But there were no explosions —  nothing too out of the ordinary, especially considering they’d both given up sleeping and were eating nothing but Cheetos and lemonade.

David and I don’t always see eye to eye. For example, today he chose to skip his nap. I can’t say that’s what I would have done if someone had carried me to bed, read me a story, given me milk, covered me up with my very favorite blankets, and then closed my blackout shades and turned on a sound machine. I don’t always understand David’s choices, but if I had to choose a best friend, I’d probably pick Caleb, too.



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