Next up: barefoot waterskiing

I grew up near Smith Mountain Lake, and if you grow up near a lake you perennially hear stories of scary things that happen on the water. Though growing up on the water made me a confident swimmer, it also made me a little more nervous than the average lake-goer.

Take lake nerves, add in mom paranoia and combine it with my natural know-it-all tendencies, and I’m a blast at parties. I spend all my time cinching life jackets and screaming things like, “SLOW DOWN!” or “YOU”RE HAVING TOO MUCH FUN! OUT OF THE WATER! NOW!”

Basically what I’m trying to say is, if I’d seen someone else doing this I would have shaken my head in disbelief because, can you believe some people?


  1. Grammy September 14, 2012

    looks like fun; we need to see you out there next time!

  2. Jenny Richardson Ramsey September 17, 2012

    bahaha. just imagine me!!! <br>mine would have been mostly along the lines of "you need more sunscreen".

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