Memorial Day weekend

On Memorial Day we decided to take advantage of the three-day weekend and amazing weather and head to Franklin County.



Franklin County is a three-hour drive from Richmond, and the whole week leading up to the trip Tom and I discussed strategy for the drive. Do we drive during nap time and hope they sleep? Or break the drive up with a long stop for dinner? Or should we just stick our heads out the windows so maybe we couldn’t hear David asking, “Are we there yet?” ten minutes after we started.

Speaking of. I always thought that was just something kids said on TV. But, the whole way there David asked if we were there. No, we aren’t there. David, if the car is still moving then we’re not there. David, look out the window. Do you see Grammy’s house? Then we’re not there.

If you ask that one more time then we’ll stop the car, let you out AND YOU’LL BE AT YOUR DESTINATION.

We left at nap time, and even though we were hoping the kids would sleep, we packed the car so full of snacks and toys to occupy them on the way down that we barely had room for anything else. It wasn’t a big deal since we really needed were swimsuits and sunscreen.

Once we finally go there, the three-hour drive seemed like a small price to pay for the swimming, good food, sunshine, boat rides and snuggles with grandparents.




During the weekend we learned that we’ve reached the stage of parenting that our kids hold us hostage in the water. The pool was freezing. Tom started turning red and David started turning blue. But David didn’t care. Not even a little bit. When Tom just couldn’t take it anymore, we finally plucked David out of the water. He was shaking and shivering and SCREAMING because I DON’T WANT TO GO INSIDE! I WANT TO GO IN THE WATER! NO DADDY NO! I WANT TO GO IN THE WATER!


So proud to be in the ottoman together.

Looking for fish under the dock.



The same thing happened at the lake.

The lake water was much warmer than the pool, but still cold enough that I let out a good shriek when I jumped in. And David was all like, “Suck it up, Mom. It doesn’t matter if you lose feeling in your feet, WHO NEEDS FINGERS ANYWAY!? EXTREMITIES ARE FOR THE WEAK!!”






On the way home, David didn’t ask if we were there yet. Not even once.

And when he remembered that, at home, our version of “playing in the water” was turning on the hose and filling up a bucket, he was understandably disappointed.

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  1. Courtney May 28, 2014

    bahaha, I get the SAME thing when I do videos. Aria..Aria…hey Aria…are you (whatever)…nothing. Repeat.

    I don’t think Aria has hit the stubborn stage yet, she is pretty good about getting out or off of things. That one is always such a fun time. And, the are we there yet? What a joy! Oh, kids.

    Looks like so much fun. I want to jump into the water now.


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