A couch-full

I don’t know why I used to think that, as the kids got older, it’d be easier to take pictures of them. “Older” translates to “more cooperative”…right? That’s the sort of thing a mom of toddlers says. Like, “Oh, I can’t wait till my kids are teenagers and I can stop worrying about them!”

Go ahead, Mary Virginia, point at mommy and laugh.





On the last day of vacation we packed up our suitcases, and just before jumping in our cars, we piled the kids on the couch for a photo. I guess they misunderstood us. We said “smile” and they  heard “pretend you just got arrested and we’re taking your mugshot”. Mary Virginia looks near tears, and David is acting like he can’t stand to sit next to Caleb, which we know isn’t true.



Four blue-eyed Krieger grandkids, all under the age of four. At this rate, in a few years we’re going to need a bigger couch.

[Look how they’ve grown! The couch picture last year and the year before.]


  1. Courtney September 17, 2014

    Yeah I think older is more like…stubborn and totally has the ability to do it now but so won’t. Something like that =)

  2. sarita September 17, 2014

    To me it still looks like the perfect picture— all that cuteness in one photo!!!

  3. tori September 20, 2014

    MV’s eyes look gorgeous in that second pictures!

  4. Nikki September 22, 2014

    They are still pretty cute! It is always so hard to get everyone to look in the right direction with a smile. It doesn’t get much easier.


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