Vacation photo album

I’ve been blogging a ton this week — way more than I normally do. It’s because I feel a deadline looming to post everything from vacation, if I don’t do it this week, I never will. This is the last week of summer. In just a few days my two big kids will get on the bus and I’ll have the monumental task of figuring out how to care for and entertain a three-year old and a baby without the help of their two silly, energetic, creative siblings.

Some people prepare for the school by labeling school supplies, packing backpacks, and scrolling Pinterest for lunchbox ideas.

Me? I stare at pictures from vacation and pretend summer will never end.

Works every time.

Here are some of my favorite pictures, that capture some of my favorite memories from vacation. I post (over-post?) them here as a sort of substitute photo album. Thanks for reading along.

When Thomas was building this mountain, he’d look up every few seconds and ask, “My mountain is bigger than David’s…right?” 

“Yes,” I’d tell him, and he’d go back to building, and then ask me again.

The girls in their princess dresses playing with their Lil Woodzez 

The Krieger family calls this came “Daddy Rocket Launcher.” 

Thomas’s favorite past time is spraying the hose. The moment Pops hooked up this hose, Thomas held out his hand and said, “Give that to me.”

Since I’m usually the one behind the camera, I’ve always felt a little bummed to not have many pics of me with the kids. Huge thanks to Uncle Steve for taking these pictures. 

We kept spotting a catfish under our dock, and late in the week we finally rigged up some very, very rudimentary fishing poles. Tom and Thomas were our most devoted fishermen, and even though we hooked the catfish TWICE, he got away. Good thing for that catfish, we’re terrible at fishing.

No offense Anna, but a crawling baby is no fun at the lake. We brought a Pack N Play to the dock and I was SURE she’d tolerate it for 10 minutes TOPS, but I was wrong. She loved her little dock play area, and I never stopped being amazed that it actually worked. 

That’s a wrap, vacation 2018!  We’ll be back next year with an even rowdier crew, and fishing rods. Because the only thing I’d change about vacation is the catfish that got away.

David 7, Caleb 7, Thomas 3, Berkley Grace 6, Joshua 5 weeks, Anna 9 months, Mary 5, Psalm 3



  1. Gayle Ann September 1, 2018

    A friend makes books using one of the websites that allows one to organize them, add captions, etc. She titles each one “Vacation 2018” or whatever the major life event is. such as Fall & Christmas 2018, etc. She usually has a coupon to get one free.

    With self publishing today, you could probably use Publisher or even Word. and take them to Staples or Office Max to bind. They do both hard cover and spiral. My friend likes the on-line one because she can do it all at home, and the postman delivers it to the door. She gets one book for each child (she has 3). I think she uses Snapchat mostly, and the coupon is from Living Social or Groupon. I’ve never done it, so I don’t know about the cost, but I liked the idea. Each child has a set of memorizes, so no fighting over photos. or wondering who the people in the picture are. In your case, your in-laws might also like to combine photos and purchase books.

    My problem is that I never seem to get the pictures downloaded from the camera.

    • amandakrieger September 3, 2018

      i’ve used shutterfly’s service and it’s awesome, but it’s pretty expensive. the kids love looking through the books though. we’re hoping to one day print out the blog, and also each of the kids’ monthly letters, so they can have them as keepsakes.

  2. Gayle Ann September 4, 2018

    What about using Publisher or Word, and printing on high quality paper, then going to Staples and have them bind it? Binding is pretty cheap. I had something done for $3. I’m not sure of the cost of smooth paper of that quality.

    Do you use that Sharktank photo thing? There was an update they sold it, but it had been $3/month, and it automatically downloaded your phone pictures, then sent you a book of photos. The woman thought of the idea after her phone, and all her pictures, were lost. I don’t take that many pictures.


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