This occasion calls for personalized stationary

My little brother married Abby, his high school-turned-college-turned forever- sweetheart last Saturday. Abby married my brother and took his name, and her new initials are ASS.
Pretty early into the relationship, she realized that sticking with him would mean getting stuck with those initials, and she decided my brother was worth it. What a gal.

In honor of the occasion, I thought she could use some monogrammed note cards. I decided to use her new name instead of her new initials. When your initials are ASS, you have to be careful. You can’t just throw ASS around.

See, just like that. That sentence was totally inappropriate.



Stationary c/o Tiny Prints


The cards are so cute and such great quality that I decided to get some for myself, too. Even though it’s been five years since I changed my name.


Then I decided all the ladies could use pretty monogrammed stationary with fancy gold envelopes.


For the mother of the bride, mother of the groom, sisters of the bride, and sisters of the groom.



We’ve been traveling, visiting family, and celebrating the newlyweds for the past two weeks. I have lots of photos and stories to share. All that’s coming soon.


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  1. sarita July 23, 2014

    Stoppi ng by from the link up— I love personalised stationary,… personalised everything actually
    XO Sarita.


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