Halloween was awesome. And how could it not be? We’ve got Berkley Grace toddling around in an elephant suit, a wagon ride through the neighborhood, staying up past bedtime, coming home with a bag of candy. Even when it rains all night, it’s hard to not enjoy Halloween.

This is the first year David could actually walk up to a door and say trick or treat, and when he did it for the first time, I got a little catch in my throat. Our little dragon, he’s growing up so fast. All that nostalgia melted away after several stops when, given bowls of Snickers, Kit Kats and REESE’S PEANUT BUTTER CUPS, David continued picking lollipops. Seriously, kid? Are you sure you want a Dum Dum?

Once he was told he could two pieces of candy. He picked two suckers. The person with the candy was even appalled and tried to coach him to grab a Twix.

At one stop they were giving out FULL SIZE candy bars, which is something I’ve only heard about on TV. David chose a Hershey’s bar.

Maybe my frustration was fueled by the fact that Mary Virginia cried nearly all night, but the milk chocolate Hershey’s bar was my tipping point. I made him go back and trade it for a Snickers.



(David is upset in these photos because he wanted to get in Caleb’s wagon.)

We re-used David’s dragon suit from last year. It still fit (JACKPOT!) and by now he’s perfected his roar. Plus, for like 30 seconds he and Caleb got a kick out of being dragons together.

I’m dressed as Kate Middleton in the five minutes AFTER she had the baby but BEFORE her team had a chance to smooth and style her hair.



  1. Becky November 4, 2013

    I KNOW!!!! Allison insisted on dum dums.. we kept saying “Daddy needs some snickers” what is with this kiddos. Allie wanted to quit midway through we had to pretty much beg her to continue.. when I was young I wanted to stay out until dawn, switch costumes whatever it took to get more candy. I guess my gluttony has not been passed on. (haha)

  2. Jenny Ramsey November 4, 2013

    You are hilarious. Glad you guys had a good Halloween!!

  3. Kristie November 4, 2013

    You will probably appreciate this blog post (10 Things I Learned Trick-or-Treating With a Toddler)..

    #8 is….”Your toddler is probably too busy grabbing lollipops to notice that the best stuff lurks inside that gold Butterfinger or orange Kit Kat wrapper. Sometimes you have to quit worrying “what the adults think” and reach your hand into the candy bowl to grab a Twix for YOURSELF.”

    • amandakrieger November 4, 2013

      that’s hilarious. and it’s how i felt when i sent him back to trade his hershey’s!

  4. Kristie November 9, 2014

    I just cracked up again at this mommy shorts quote. Try not to be too jealous, but I told Ellie I like Snickers and she GAVE ME ALL OF HERS. True story. And Gabby ate all of her candy before we even got home. Also a true story.


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