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A long time ago, before David (my little brother David) was even old enough to drive, he started dating a pretty girl who lived across town. They went to prom together, and kept dating even after high school graduation. They went to Virginia Tech together, and then after college graduation they both moved back to Franklin County and kept dating.

Then a few weeks ago he took her all the way to El Salvador and asked her to marry him.

Oh my goodness, this calls for champagne.

SML 2013 621

Tom and I stopped by for a quick visit and we toasted the happy couple.

When I took this next photo, I just held the camera up without looking through the viewfinder. I wanted a photo of just our hands and the glasses, like the one I tried to take here. I expected that the focus would be off, the photo wouldn’t be well-framed. But what I hoped for was a lucky shot, a few champagne glasses I could crop into a photo that made sense or at least looked creative.

I took one frame and this is what I got, a very lucky shot.

SML 2013 623

These two have been together for so long, we were all sort of…waiting for an engagement. But even though I wasn’t wondering IF, but WHEN, I still felt a lump rise in my throat when I heard that my brother had gone to a jewelry store to buy a diamond, and when I imagined him getting down on one knee.

David is five years younger than me, and nowadays he’s taller and stronger than I am, but he’s still sort of frozen in my mind as the toddler whose bed I used to sleep in when he woke up with nightmares. There are certain things that come along with being an older sister; things like being bossy and a know-it-all, and posting photos of him with a mouth full of spaghetti on the Internet.

SML 2013 625

And then there are times like this, times when you see your little brother smile like he’s never smiled before, and all you can do is just be really, really happy for him.

Congratulations, David and Abby.

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  1. Jenny Ramsey August 1, 2013

    This post had me choked up. Can’t believe that the same David who shot darts at the TV screen (can you imagine doing that now, to a flat screen?) to “protect” me from the wolf in “Peter and the Wolf”, is getting married. So excited for them! YAY!


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