Happy birthday, Lindsay

This post is just a few days late. Lindsay’s birthday is May 13, which is also Mother’s Day.

She was born on Mother’s Day. Hello, best Mother’s Day gift ever. That’s Lindsay for you, she was thoughtful right from the start.

She even gave me a bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day. Normally sister-in-laws don’t give each other gifts on Mother’s Day, but Lindsay is not a normal sister-in-law.

Lindsay is married to Tom’s brother, Steve.

Tom and his brother are very, very different. But somehow they married girls that have a lot in common. We both grew up in rural Virginia, love riding horses, gardening, homemade things (like the quilt she made for David), an appreciation for well-wrapped gifts, and (apparently) an affinity for guys with curly hair.

Lindsay is Caleb’s mommy, and she’s going to have a baby girl in a few weeks.

(I debated about using this photo because lots of moms-to-be don’t like their bellies to be documented, but I think she looks great so I decided I’d rather ask for forgiveness than permission.)

And you know how when you watch ballet, you’re in awe of the dancing and bending, but even more impressive is that they make it look effortless? Ballerinas make you believe you could go home and grand jeté across your living room.

Similarly, all the Kriegers watch Lindsay in awe as she puts up with this guy. She totally makes it look easy. 

(And, to be honest, I think he’s the most impressed of all.)

Happy birthday, Lindsay.

You absolutely deserve gifts and cake and fresh cut flowers everyday.

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  1. jenny ramsey May 17, 2012

    lindsay looks fantastic!! you krieger women do pregnancy so well.


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