Happy birthday, Caleb!

Happy Halloween!
More on Halloween later. We have more important festivities to get to first.

This little guy had a very exciting weekend. 

He went to his first First Birthday Party. 

The guest of honor was this little guy. This is David’s cousin, Caleb.

We have zero pictures of the two sweetest Kriegers together and there’s no reason for it. When Caleb sees David he sort of goes into a zombie-like trance and gravitates toward him with his arms out. Meanwhile David stares on in awe. It’s a stage that needs to be captured.

We have a feeling these two are going to get in lots of trouble together one day.

I digress.

The party was a blast. We’re talkin’ candy corn, cider, caramel apple pops, and warm chili on a cold day. Nothing’s better than that. Except maybe friends. There were lots of friends, too. This is Henry Williamson. His mama’s due to have a baby girl in just five weeks. Doesn’t she look great? Henry’s dad is one of Tom’s best friends from high school. His name, incidentally, is also David.

(See that blurry tongue in the upper left of the photo? That’s Steve unsuccessfully photo-bombing. Better luck next time, Uncle Steve.)

When it was time for cake we all gathered ‘round to see the birthday boy’s first experience with processed sugar. Oh the anticipation! 

(That’s little Jonah Wilsie above. There was a great spread of developmental stages at the party – David, 10 weeks, Jonah, 7 months, Caleb, 1 year and Henry, 2 years.)

His reaction was actually pretty mixed.

At one point Tom actually leaned up against the light switch and turned off the lights. When he turned them back on, Caleb’s face was frozen like this:

It was so.funny. We couldn’t resist doing it again.

…and again…

…and again…

(Take a look at those blue eyes, wouldya?)

After cake, Caleb attacked his mountain of presents. 

Caleb was born just a few weeks before I got pregnant with David. The whole time we were expecting our little one, we got to learn from Steve and Lindsay about life with a newborn as they navigated the perilous process. We didn’t know if David was a he or a she until he made his arrival, but I sort of had a hunch he was a boy all along. I love that these two guys will get to grow up together. 

Caleb and David are so different right now. Caleb’s on the verge of walking, he eats cake, and sleeps 12 hours at night (with two naps during the day). It seems crazy that one day those ten months will shrink and they’ll be riding bikes, climbing trees, and doing chores for their mommies together…right, boys?

Happy Birthday, Caleb!

Sorry you’re a little out of focus in that photo, Steve. We’re still working on this whole photography thing.

There we go, that’s better.


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