Mary Virginia’s baptism

Easter day this year was extra special for our family because Mary Virginia was baptized.

For David, any celebration was secondary to the fact that his cousin was at our church.


If you’re curious, when David was baptized, I shared this link as a helpful explanation of why we have our children baptized, and here are the baptism vows. The most important thing to know is that we don’t place our faith in the water, but in Jesus Christ.


David is sort of the wild card in our family and, for the most part, he was a perfect gentleman on stage. Both my kids brought toys with them. David has a Lightning McQueen and Mater, Easter gifts from my parents. He hasn’t put them down since he got them. At night I pull them out of his grip because his hands are starting to grow around them. Mary Virginia brought a seasonally appropriate stuffed bunny, also a gift for my mom.

On the way to church we talked to David about the baptism to prepare him. We told him we were going to stand up by the drums and a pastor was going to talk to us and then baptize Mary Virginia. He told us that he wanted to be baptized, too, so we got to tell him about the day he was baptized and even specific names of people — who he now knows as his friends and teachers — who stood up and promised to care for him and teach him about Jesus.


Our friend and pastor, Joe Brown, performed the baptism.


After church we decided to do family photos, but by then David was over it. He wouldn’t stand still and wouldn’t let Tom hold him. Mary Virginia was appalled and I don’t blame her. Because if Mary Virginia is wearing a bow and Mama has on high heels, we need photo documentation, son.


He almost looks like he’s playing along and smiling in this first photo, but in the second you can see what’s really happening: Tom’s pulling on his collar to keep him from running off.



After church we all went to Tom’s parents’ to continue the Easter celebration with a ham and three little ones napping at the same time. Three!? You might ask. But there are four little ones on the couch!

That’s right. Too much excitement for Mary Virginia to nap. I wouldn’t want to nap on my special day, either. Or maybe it was the double ear infection. Maybe it was that.


We also tried a family photo again. It turned out ok;  I’m just glad we have documentation of Lightning McQueen and Mater.


This last photo? I think it’s the most telling. Tom and I look glazed over; we both have vacant, tired stares. That’s because Mary Virginia didn’t sleep well the night before. We put her in David’s room (which we’ve done before and it’s been fine) and she was up several times, once for over an hour and a half. She was awake, David was awake, Tom and I were awake, my parents were awake.

On Easter weekend we were very, very tired.

On Sunday morning when the congregation stood up and agreed to help us raise Mary Virginia, I thought about requesting an addendum to include the hours between midnight and 6 a.m. Anyone interested in that shift?

(Monday morning I took her to the doctor and found out that the double ear infection she had been on an antibiotic for 5 days had only gotten worse.)


A close friend messaged me and told me she was impressed at how put-together we looked, especially after the night we’d had. And, sure, we do. But the veneer is a thin one. I don’t want to over-spiritualize an ear infection, but I guess I’m about to. It was a physical reminder of a spiritual truth — that we are needy. The baptism vows include the words …in humble reliance…endeavor…pray…strive…look in faith to the Lord Jesus Christ. Though I did manage to put on matching shoes Sunday morning,  I didn’t feel put together. In fact, it felt wholly appropriate to stand up and say, “We’ll try, we’ll do our best, but we need your help and we need Jesus. And actually, can one of you just tell me if I’m ever going to sleep again? Because I would like to know.”

On Easter Sunday we acknowledge our weakness and need and celebrate that Jesus overcame the grave and the resurrection changed everything. And with Mary Virginia’s baptism, we look to him with great hope Jesus is at work, and we are thankful. He is risen!


  1. Zoe Chandry April 23, 2014

    Stopping by from the link up! What a beautiful family and such truth about needing Jesus. You look a million times better than I do after a night with no sleep…

  2. Kristie April 23, 2014

    Congratulations! That makes for a very special Easter. Everyone looks lovely!

  3. Stefanie April 24, 2014

    What a special Easter! You have a beautiful family!

  4. Preeti April 29, 2014

    What a beautiful family you have! Loved all the pictures.


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