History repeating


David is slowly warming up to his sister. And by “warming up” I mean “ignoring”, which I think is best case scenario for a newborn and an almost-two-year old. He checks on her, gives her trains, or occasionally runs up to me and says something like, “MARY’S DRINKING WATER!” And I have run through the house panicking about all the things “Mary’s drinking water” could mean. But that’s only occasionally.

But Brigham? Poor, poor Brigham. Our first child who once, when he was a kitten and I couldn’t find him in our house I called Tom at work in tears. I was so upset that Tom almost left work to come home, but I found Brigham sleeping under our bed. Now, Brigham disappears all day and reappears when David goes down for his nap or when he wants to go out for the night. David still considers Brigham his best friend, a relationship that has driven Brigham to apply for witness protection more than once. Whenever David sees Brigham, he says, “Oh! Hi, Meow!” and Brigham’s body stiffens with fear.

When we came home with Mary Virginia, Brigham took one look at her, rolled his eyes, and looked back at us as if to say, “Are you people kidding? Don’t you remember what happened last time you came home with one of those?”




  1. Jenny Ramsey August 5, 2013

    Alice doesn’t even blink anymore. She’s afraid that, if she does, another Ramsey child will appear before her.

  2. Aurora@Fitness is Sweet August 6, 2013

    Your cat is so adorable!


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