A morning in the salt mines

saltmines 001

Mary Virginia is just at the very beginnings of being interested in coloring. She’ll hold a marker, draw a few lines on the paper, and a few moments later try to climb on the table.

The only reason I’ve even started “coloring” with her is because she wants to do whatever her brother is doing, so if he’s sitting at the table coloring, that’s where she wants to be, too.

As for David, he’s never really been interested in art. Instead of markers, crayons, paint or stickers, he’d much rather be playing with trucks, trains or, um, watching TV. His teachers have told me he’s the same at school, too. He’ll participate in crafts, but it’s not when he lights up. He wants to play at the block station or the car station, but he hasn’t once asked to paint at the art station.

saltmines 002

One morning just after breakfast, David happened to see a little wooden turkey I got for him to color for Thanksgiving and he really wanted to draw on it. I set him up at the table with the turkey and markers, and when Mary Virginia started begging, I gave her a piece of paper and a few markers, too.

They’d been coloring for a few minutes when David looked up at Mary Virginia, put his hand on his head and said, “Wow, Mary. This really is a lot of hard work!”

saltmines 003


  1. Courtney November 13, 2014

    hahaha, art is just rough! Need a break after that for sure.

  2. Grammy November 13, 2014

    He is just the sweetest!!

  3. Sarah O'Dell November 13, 2014

    That look on his face in the last picture is PRICELESS!

  4. Kristie November 18, 2014

    Ellie holds Craft School in our house. Compulsory attendance for all little brothers. Maybe David could join sometime. 😀


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