David and Mary were fighting about what would happen if, sometime in the future, they found out that Tom and I were actually some sort of royalty. Like, how do they handle the sudden bump in status? What about all the wealth? Or the horses and carriages, what’s a commoner to do!?

This argument was getting a little heated. (I’m sure you can completely understand — they have to get this sorted out!) I’m a little fuzzy on the details here, but I think David was trying to explain the concept of primogeniture to Mary, when Mary just interrupted him —

Mary: Well, Mom IS a queen so that makes me a princess.

David: Yeah but that doesn’t matter because you’re more Dad than Mom, look at your hair!

Mary: I have something from Mom that’s more special than hair. I have Mom’s EMOTIONS!

(Boom. She got him on that one.)


I love these photos so much, I can’t help but smile when I look at them. Does anyone remember when she hated water so much that I genuinely wondered if she’d had some sort of trauma involving water? And now look at her! 

If you’re struggling with a difficult toddler behavior or habit, look at these pictures and smile: kids grow up! They change! Eventually, they run through sprinklers, hands lifted in joy.



  1. Stephanie McEndree April 2, 2020

    Cute post! Love the pics as well.

  2. Donnya Negera April 3, 2020

    That would be awesome to be of royalty

    • amandakrieger April 3, 2020

      haha, perhaps 🙂 unfortunately it isn’t in the cards for my kids!

  3. Sarah April 3, 2020

    How cute! What a great memory:)

  4. What a sweet memory, especially during a tough time.

  5. Kimberlie April 4, 2020

    Thank you for this break from reality and a reminder that children truly are the best of us.

  6. Sarah April 4, 2020

    That was very sweet.

  7. Erin April 5, 2020

    Cool post thanks for sharing

  8. Grace April 6, 2020

    She is definitely a Princess with Emotions. This is really cute.

  9. Mary Krieger January 14, 2023

    I remember those days!!!!! I didn’t really know what it meant to say that! Davids right though, I am more of my Dad then my Mom


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