Empire of dirt

Tom recently had to replace one of the poles for our clothesline, and after the project we had a wheelbarrow full of dirt and gravel in our back yard.

And. Well, my kids would sleep out here if I’d let them.




David asked me if he could put water in the mud. This kid just spent a week in the country, so how could I say no?




I feel like these photos typify me as a mom. I won’t let my kid have a character water bottle and I’m maniacal about nap-time, but mud? Be my guest.

If you’re ever around parents, one thing you’ll hear them say — I’m sure I’ve even said it before — is something like, “My kid eats off the floor, that’s why they never get sick.”

My kids have been sick a lot, but I try not to take offense to that sort of comment for two reasons. First, I know they were just making a general comment. They didn’t mean to imply that I’m making my kids sick by making them sleep in a vat of hand sanitizer. Second, I know it’s nonsense. I have no idea HOW you people keep your kids from getting sick (BUT IF YOU HAVE ANY TIPS, I’M ALL EARS!), but it’s not dirt; my kids eat dirt all the time. Just today Mary Virginia rolled a strawberry on the ground and then popped it in her mouth. I’m no doctor, but I have a hard time believing eating a piece of macaroni off the floor is not the same as a round of antibiotics, and if it was then my kids would eat breakfast directly out of the trash can every morning.

From now on, whenever someone says that I’m just going to show them these photos.





  1. Courtney August 5, 2014

    oh oh oh you are awesome. I hate dirt. I’m not sure I’m as brave as you. It would take some mental calming exercises or something. And the promise of a hose off at the end, before any got inside. Aria of course loves to get dirt on her hands and immediately wipe it on me.

  2. Tanner August 6, 2014

    I may be one of those parents who have said comments about my child eating gross things and her lack of sickness. Thanks for the gentle rebuke. Great post.

    • amandakrieger August 6, 2014

      oh, i've DEFINITELY said it, too. and who knows, maybe it does help? (i think when i've said it, i'm partially saying it because i don't wnat people to judge me for letting my kid eat food off the floor!) but my kids are currently sick (again), so i'm definitely not an expert on the matter :)

  3. My only advice is to wash your hands and your kids’ hands all the time. We always do this before we eat and after we come from outside. I hope I don’t pass my germ phobia tendencies to my daughter, but it really is so important!

    I hope your kiddos get better soon!

  4. sarita August 6, 2014

    THis is an amazing post… Such a fun mama. And I am insane about nap times!!

  5. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast August 6, 2014

    Precious photos- they definitely look like they could be out there all day!

  6. andrea August 9, 2014

    when people make comments about their kid(s) not getting sick because of “dirt consumed”, i always just assume that what they really meant that their kids don’t have alleregies? right?


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