When I used to work for a newspaper, the editorial staff would have a budget meeting the day after deadline. The budget meeting wasn’t about money, it was about planning the content for the next publication. We had to decide what stories we had room for, what would be on the front page, how many photos we needed, stuff like that. I loved the budget meetings because it was sort of fun to look ahead and get excited about what was coming next.

I don’t usually budget, or plan the content of this website in advance, but this week I have to because there’s so much going on. It all started with the new site, and today’s announcement is even better.

I have a brand new niece, Gabrielle Joy Truell. She was born last Thursday, January 10. She weighed 8 lbs., 9 oz. at birth and 21 inches.


I would have posted earlier, but it takes a few days for photos to arrive all the way from Taiwan.

Actually, I think it just takes that long to upload photos when you have a newborn and three other children to take care of. My sister and her husband have their hands full.


Of sweetness.


She is absolutely the apple of her siblings’ eyes.




…and everyone else’s, too.


My sister told me she named her Gabrielle Joy after me, because I bring so much joy to her life.


Actually, she didn’t say that at all, but I can read between the lines.

Welcome Sweet Baby Gabby, I can’t wait to give you a big hug.


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  1. Becky January 15, 2013

    I love the new site.. and I love this post. 🙂 You certainly bring joy to the PA Kriegers lives with this blog… excuse me website. Congrats on your new niece!


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