Cousin time

Anytime I post photos that are this cute, I feel compelled to start by saying: these photos weren’t staged.


Caleb has been obsessed with Mary Virginia since before she was even born.

What’s the baby doing in your belly, Aunt Manda? I wanna see her. When’s she coming out? How’s she going to come out, Aunt Manda?”


The fascination hasn’t waned now that she’s here.

“There’s Mary Virginia! She’s so cute. She’s getting big! She can’t walk yet. Can she crawl? She can’t crawl yet. What’s she saying, Aunt Manda? She can’t talk.”


Watching these two interact, they make a very good case for spacing your children three years apart.

Meanwhile, David and Berkley Grace make an excellent case for strategically cropped photos.

DSC_6075 DSC_6077

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  1. Kristie October 11, 2013

    So funny, about cropping the pictures. Caleb seems so sweet.


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