I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours was great, one for the books, even. It was maybe even the best trip we’ve taken since adding kids to our family.

There was coffee with whipped cream, and chocolate for breakfast, and Mary Virginia got to gnaw on her first ever turkey bone.




But there was also this: ย at 5:30 a.m. Mary Virginia woke up, and when I was feeding her I heard someone in the bathroom. It was Tom. He was pacing, holding his back, and moaning like a laboring mother. He looked at me with knowing, desperate eyes and said, “I have a kidney stone.”

An hour later he was at the ER with my dad. As my dad tells it, he was writhing on the floor in pain telling the doctor that he didn’t want a CT, he just wanted drugs. Which is, apparently, what all the drug-seekers say.

Two hours later, Tom was thankful for intravenous pain killers.

Meanwhile, my mom, the kids and I were drinking coffee with whipped cream and eating chocolate for breakfast.

Even though the worst had, um, passed, he still spent the afternoon like this: napping with David.


We also spent a few days with Tom’s family, including two of David’s close-in-age cousins. It was wonderful, because every parent knows that the only person who can keep up with a toddler is another toddler. They spent all weekend playing and sharing and fighting and running and jumping at a rate no adult could maintain.

Now that we’re back home, David keeps asking to see Caleb, go to Caleb’s house, where’s Berkley Grace go?


I didn’t take many photos all weekend, which is a shame for blogging, but also bad because I feel like the things we have photos of are the memories that sort of crystallize. So when we look back at Krieger Thanksgiving 2013 we’ll remember…

Mary Virginia playing on the floor


Sweet cuddly babies




David in an oversized t-shirt and his trademark fedora.


Watching Mike London coach UVa to its 10th straight loss against Virginia Tech


And Berkley Grace, who is always this cute.


For these things {and so much more} we are thankful.



  1. elissa whited December 6, 2013

    this is so cute! I feel the same about photos but it’s a battle all the time…do I spend time and energy trying to get all the good photos and capture the moments, or do I spend more time sitting and enjoying the moments. Not to say you don’t enjoy it with the camera in hand. I just go back and forth on it all the time! I do appreciate the photos, until I realize we have to buy a TERAbyte to save all of our pictures hahaha

    • elissa whited December 6, 2013

      oh AND, sorry to hear about the kidney stone! never had one, but maybe it helps him slightly relate to childbirth? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast December 9, 2013

    Oh poor Tom! That sounds miserable!

  3. Kristen December 11, 2013

    Such sweet pictures… Beautiful family


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