So thankful.

After burning, what? 50,000 calories in the 5k, we celebrated Thanksgiving with not one but two feasts.

On Thanksgiving morning David allegedly rolled over. I say alleged because I didn’t see it, Tom was with him. Babies are not allowed to have any firsts while mama is in the shower.

After the race we went to my Uncle David’s. Because of the alleged roll over, Tom spent a fair amount of time on the floor coaxing David Andrew to repeat his accomplishment.

He never did. The roll over is still alleged.

Amazingly, this is the only other photo we have of the festivities. Apparently it’s hard to take photos when you’re stuffing your face with Granny’s macaroni and cheese.

(You’re welcome, mom, for posting this photo.)

We spent the rest of the holiday with the Krieger family at Smith Mountain Lake.

We were thankful all week for beeeeautiful weather.

We fried not one but TWO turkeys. Um, delicious. I ate at least a bucket-size portion of fried turkey skin. (But it’s ok, I ran three miles the day before.)

Between gorging ourselves, we hung with cousin Caleb…

…and got back to the business of rolling over.

He never rolled over with more witnesses. This is David’s world, we’re just living in it.

Meanwhile, I just can’t say enough about the weather.

During Thanksgiving with the Kriegers, we all shared what we’re thankful for. It can seem cliche to say you’re thankful for family, but ohmygosh I’m so thankful for family. I’ve always loved time with the fam, but having a son multiplies it by a million.

After David was born, Tom and my family came in to meet him. I was in bed and he was warming up in a bassinet across the room. Our families gathered around the little bassinet, just taking him in. I’ll never forget watching them swarm him with love.

David is a sa-weet baby, but every baby fusses and can be tough at times. All weekend he went to arms, willing to hold him and give mama and daddy a break. I was able to eat meals, take a shower and even sit on the couch and knit while David hung out with his Mimi and Pop, got hugs from his Aunt Lindsay, or walked around with his great-grandmother. Getting a break is nice and all, but what I’m really thankful for is a family that loves us so well. David hit the jackpot, he has grandparents, great-grandparents, a slew of aunts and uncles and cousins in two hemispheres.

God has blessed us with a great family. We are so thankful.


  1. Kristie December 1, 2011

    i love the picture of everyone sitting there just waiting for him to roll over. so funny!

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