Happy (rainy) Halloween

Twelve hours later, my hair is still wet from Halloween. And, no, it’s not because I went as a mermaid. 

Who planned the weather last night? Rain on Halloween = major trick-or-treating bummer.

I heard the forecast, 50% chance of showers after 6pm, but I couldn’t believe it would actually happen. You see, I’ve been looking forward to Halloween nine months before David was born. I started planning his costume in September.

Meanwhile, Tom’s just happy because with David in town, he doesn’t have to dress up anymore.

The plan was to walk down Hanover Ave. with Caleb and David. For those not familiar, Hanover Ave. is all my Halloween dreams come true. The houses dress up. It’s that crazy. The first time I saw Hanover I was out for a run with some friends and we just happened upon the festivities. As a girl from rural Virginia, I’d never seen anything like it. I wandered around in amazement and haven’t missed a Halloween on Hanover since. 

Check out David’s trick-or-treating partner.

This kid seriously needs to tone down his blue eyes. They’re distracting for the rest of us.

See how much Caleb loves his cousin, David? See how happy David is that Uncle Steve is holding onto Caleb?

David was grumpy all afternoon, so I was actually scared to put on his “costume.” Hi, I’m a new mom and I live in constant fear of my baby crying.

I sorta propped it on his head. Caleb seemed to distract him enough that he didn’t even notice. Whew. Crisis averted.

So I slid it down a little more…

Party’s over. Mom, what are you trying to pull?

But wait for it…

He loves it! He is his mother’s son after all!

We set off; David strapped in his stroller and Caleb in his wagon. We were an adorable little train of Halloween-ness. It was spitting rain when we left. Someone made a comment like, “what will we do if the rain picks up?” and we all laughed in response. 

But the rain picked up. It picked up big time. The boys were under shelter, but the adults were not. The adults were grumpy. We hadn’t even made it to the festivities. 

We pressed on, even when it seemed foolish to press on. Finally, Caleb looked at me with his sweet blue eyes that said, “Aunt Amanda. The only thing more ridiculous than my chicken costume is the fact that you insist on walking in this weather.”

So we ran to a friends’ house. Their porch was dressed like a circus. They graciously let Lindsay and I take refuge inside while Tom and Steve walked home (in the rain…pushing an empty stroller and pulling an empty wagon) to get the cars and take us home. 

In the meantime the rain let up, but it was too late. Halloween was over.

There’s always next year.

Just take a look at that beak!

P.S. the apartment we took shelter in was the home of Abby Bland. She’s an amazing artist. We loved looking at her work while drying off. She has a cool blog, too. Take a gander: http://abernathyart.blogspot.com/ 


  1. Kristie November 4, 2011

    I think David looks a little bit like John Amos in some of these pictures. 🙂

  2. tomamanda November 4, 2011

    yesterday tom’s dad saw a picture of john amos (a few months ago, of course) and thought it was david 🙂

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