The 52 Project — A photo of my children, once a week, every week, in 2019.


David / The big kids are playing soccer for the first time this fall. There’s a little grove of pine trees behind the Mary’s field. While she played soccer, David made these trails through the woods for their bikes. This kind of play seems much more intuitive for my kids than anything requiring hand-eye (foot) coordination. (Sorry, bud. You get it from me. Also from Daddy.)


Mary / I thought I’d take a picture of Mary in her new dress.


Thomas / Maybe I’ve already mentioned it, but Thomas has handled the transition to his siblings going to school JUST FINE. He loves ruling the roost most of the day, except when he wants to play trains. He says I’m no fun because all I do is take pictures. Guilty.

These pictures reminded me so much of this picture I took of him playing with trains when he was Anna’s age:


Anna / A few mornings a week all the big kids are in school and I get time alone with just Anna.  This is how she spends all of her time — barnacled to my leg, saying “Mama” on repeat. She’d never make it as an only child.


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