A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2016

21-52 david 1

David / I’ve been really hesitant to sign my kids up for activities. The schedules and commitments at such a young age make me nervous. A friend of ours coaches a soccer program in the spring, and we decided to take David. It’s perfect for young kids — it’s quick, low-commitment, low-pressure, lots of fun, and they get to learn some of the basics of the sport.

What I didn’t expect was how much David would love it. He’s always excited to go, motivated to participate, and with great pride, he tells everyone that he’s on a soccer team.

21-52 david 3

Mary Virginia / We recently got a generous bag of hand-me-downs from a neighbor, including two shirt dresses. One morning after we got dressed, She Who Shall Not Permit Photographs asked me to take a photo of her to send to her Daddy. I did, and the lighting was just right.

21-52 david 2

Thomas / My sweet birthday boy had a rough week. Celebrations are hard on babies, I think. Lots of fussing, a runny nose, and a tooth on the way.



  1. Brandi May 22, 2016

    Little kid soccer is just plain fun. I look forward to doing that again. My oldest is now in high school sports, and it stresses me out a little as a mother. Love hand-me-downs and cooperative children! My youngest is also in the midst of more teeth, and fussing and running nose…sometimes feels like it never ends.

  2. David is looking so very grown up in that shot, and clearly loving football 🙂


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