A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2019.

David and Mary / Are your kids unbelievably, impenetrably silly when they come home from school? I can take some silliness but WOW. It’s a good thing they have each other because Tom and I can’t even understand then when they’re all spun up. They speak in a different voice and it’s mostly ridiculous shouting and giggles. We try to give them space to burn out some of that pent-up energy, but it seems…inexhaustible?


Thomas / One morning while I was working in our garden, Thomas filled a wagon with water, then used a bucket to make “his letter.” Look at that wide-mouthed pride. As if I needed more proof that this kid can’t be contained.


Anna / Mama left the laundry basket outside (on purpose, so it’d be out there when I went to get the clothes off the line) and Anna is not impressed, so she took matters into her own hands. (She didn’t make it all the way inside. She gave up a few steps after I took the photo. She is, after all, my daughter.)


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