We spent last week on vacation with Tom’s family on Lake Anna. So this week we’re doing laundry, missing our cousins, and languishing in post-vacation hangover/denial.

More vacation pictures to come (what kind of mommy blogger would I be if I didn’t publish at least 300 photos of my children in puddle jumpers?) but for now, a few that define vacation — highs and lows — for me.

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2016. 

35-52 - david

David / This was an unexpectedly rough week for David (more on that later) and he spent a lot of vacation not completely himself. He was so very tired and going to bed early and sleeping late just wasn’t cutting it. Finally, on our last day, Tom and I tricked him into taking a nap. Seeing him rest was my favorite part of the week.

35-52 - mary

Mary Virginia / I snuck this photo by telling her I was taking a picture of the lake behind her. Queen Mary did not want a photo, but I had to take a photo. After naps every day the kids rode bikes. Mary Virginia is as enthusiastic about riding her bike as she is slow. She walks twice as fast as she rides, and is slowed down by that ridiculous purse, and by the fact that she stops to talk every three steps or so.

Quintessentially Mary.

35-52 - thomas

Thomas / That diaper, those legs, that tow head is all sweet baby toddler. But his posture, that expression? I feel like I’m looking at a teenager.


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  1. Becky Mauck August 31, 2016

    What cute children. I love reading this and I have loved watching your children grow. I hope they have a great school year!


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