The 52 Project — A photo of my children once a week, every week, in 2019. 

David / He built this inconspicuous tower in the middle of our living room and doesn’t understand why no one will leave him alone. The sign says, “Do not talk to David while he’s reading.”

Mary / One morning just before walking to the bus stop. She’ll be six soon.

Thomas / Similar to David’s focus on reading is Thomas’s fascination with all things sensory. As I type this, he’s playing with kinetic sand instead of watching TV. In this photo he’s playing with water beads, a gift from his preschool teachers.

Anna / puddle jumperjust as I predictedThis deserves its own blog post, but Anna has discovered the pool and , she’s in love. When Tom gets home from work, she grabs him by the hand and takes him to the pool gate. And when he grabs her — I am not exaggerating — she does a little happy hop. We call her our little tadpole.


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  1. Gayle Ann May 26, 2019

    I am probably suggesting this project a bit too late for anyone but Anna, in terms of starting early, but… You should save something like the first swimsuit, shirt from the first day at school, etc. Things that have meaning, and it wouldn’t matter if Anna wore the dress that Mary wore. Just put them in a bin, with perhaps a piece of paper on the inner lid with a description. Then, when they graduate high school, and leave for school, you could make, or have someone make, a quilt with the fabrics that, like the pictures, were important in their life. You can even have the pictures printed on material, and use the pictures, and using all the first day at school pictures, etc., is another option. I’ve seen Christmas ones given to children when they marry or buy their first home, using Christmas photos throughout life. Birthday photos, etc.

    The swim picture made me think of it, as you could do an applique block with the fabric being for the first suit, the following year, etc.

    With pictures, the possibilities are endless…. the yearly family vacation, 4 July, etc.

    Quilts are a great way to preserve memories.

    Although, not everyone appreciates it. I found two in a thrift shop… one was pictures of the grandchildren, with birthdates hand embroidered, and another was a family tree quilt, with some really old pictures. But, for the most part people like them because they are useful, preserve the memories, and they don’t sit on a shelf collecting dust.

    Gayle Ann


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