This week I didn’t pick up my DSLR one time. That’s abnormal for me, an overly-sentimental person who’s surrounded by memories that are, let’s be honest, getting bigger every day.

I declared this week a rest week. We’re in-between summer adventures and will spend this coming week preparing for our next trip. But this week we (mostly) stayed home, trashed the house, ate a lot of simple carbohydrates, and at least four times a day I shooed everyone outside because, “You have TOO MUCH energy to be in the house!”

I called it a rest week and, MAN! I’m exhausted!

The 52 Project — A photo of my children, once a week, every week, in 2019.

David / I took the older two to Target to get school supplies. David found a book and walked through the store like this. He almost walked into a display just two times. Not bad, eh?


Mary / She caught wind that my birthday is coming up and hasn’t stopped celebrating. She spent all morning setting up a tea party with this cake (made from kinetic sand). The little present I’m holding in the foreground is a horse charm necklace that I gave her last year.


Thomas / Thomas found this beetle and played with it all afternoon. He named it Amanda. (It was dead, even though he spent a lot of time trying to prove otherwise. “Look, Mommy! It moved!”)


Anna / Big brother went to brush his teeth and baby sister climbed in bed with his book and reading light. Good thing big brother is interminably patient with his baby sister.


The four of them / It’s hard to figure out what’s more work — staying home or going out. We made oobleck and the kids loved it and were happy to play outside (later Mary dripped it all over Thomas to make him look like a tiger). Anna kept her distance. Everyone jumped in the pool when they were done.


The four of them / Oobleck was such a hit that we made slime the next day. They’re totally fascinated but I’m open to tips for keeping this stuff contained. I told Thomas to play with his outside, and he put it in the stroller where it still is, melted into the seat.


Finally, a video of Anna. I don’t take as many normal, everyday videos of her as I did her siblings. It occurred to me that she’ll start talking soon,  and I wanted to capture her baby babbling conversations.

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