The view from the playroom window

Here’s a story.

Camellias aren’t super common where I grew up, so when I moved to Richmond I became sort of entranced by them. A bush with flowers that look like roses!? That blooms in the winter!?

When Tom and I were buying a house for the first time, I put heavy preference on houses that had camellias and magnolia trees. My bias was so strong that one of my wise and mature friends told me she would buy me a camellia as a housewarming present so I could focus on more important home features, ones that can’t be picked up at your local greenhouse. Like number of bedrooms, for example.

She did, and I planted it in my backyard. Every time it bloomed it reminded me of her friendship.

Our new house has several camellias, two sweet magnolia trees, and so many daffodils that I didn’t notice any missing when David picked a whole bouquet for himself. (I assumed they were for me. I was corrected.)

This is my neighbor’s Helleborus, or Lenten Rose, depending on who you talk to.

I’d say these are one of my most favorite flowers, but I tend to say that a lot. I think my favorites are whatever is blooming.

Speaking of, yesterday was the first day of Lent. If you’re still looking for a Lenten devotional, here are a two great ones from my community:

Daily Lenten readings and reflections

The Common Rule, a Lenten experiment in communal rhythms and habits



  1. Hope Griffin March 5, 2017

    Beautiful. I love magnolias too 🙂 #mommymoments

  2. Audrey @ Two Pink Peonies September 19, 2018

    So beautiful! I love magnolia trees- they smell amazing.


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