On fear, security, and the first time in my life I’ve been tempted to get a Rottweiler

Sometimes I joke that the best way to describe my house is “looks like we just got robbed.” In my living room there are toys everywhere, books strewn off the shelf, a chair over-turned — it’s the normal scene in my house.

It’s always been just a joke until last week. I went to pick David up from school, came home and we all ate lunch. We’d been home for at least a half-hour before I realized our house had been robbed.

Robbed. For real, burglarized. Someone broke into our home, went through our belongings and stole things.

I’m saying it over and over mostly for me — because it still seems surreal. Bizarre.

While I was gone, someone climbed through a window and went through our stuff. They didn’t get much, just a few electronics. Since I wasn’t gone long they didn’t have much time to empty us out. The way things were left — our TV and computer were both unplugged and poised to be carried out — it seems like I caught them in the act. I pulled up, brought the kids inside, and then ran back out to the car to get a few bags. And, who knows, maybe for a few moments a stranger was inside with my kids. Maybe if things hadn’t been so hectic I’d have heard footsteps or a door slam. I’ll never know and, frankly, it doesn’t matter because we’re all safe. But that’s the sort of thing your imagination runs away with.

We live in a safe neighborhood in a modest home. It was broad daylight and our doors were locked. And I was only gone for 30 minutes. 

When I realized what happened, I panicked and threw all the cushions off our couch looking for my phone — I called Tom and ran outside with the kids while he did what you’re supposed to do — he called the police. In less than five minutes Tom was home and the police officer had arrived. Thirty minutes after that David was in the front seat of a police cruiser learning how to turn on the lights.


Like I said, they didn’t get much, and they didn’t vandalize our home at all. The biggest loss was our camera. We have a nice DSLR. I mean, we had a nice DSLR. And now the quality of photos I post on the blog is going to take a steep dive.

They also took a really old iPod that we use as a sound machine for David when he sleeps. The sound is a source of comfort for David, and when we tried to put him to sleep without it, he cried and asked me to PLEASE! PLEASE FIX IT! Did you plug it in, Mommy? Check it!

We think they could sell it for maybe $20. Max.

We have insurance, and nothing that was taken was irreplaceable — I’d even already uploaded all the files off the camera. The things aren’t important, but the aftermath is the worst part. I’m from a small town and am pretty trusting, but Tom and I are both uncharacteristically paranoid now. We spend more time than normal double-checking and re-checking. We still wonder if things are missing or moved that we haven’t noticed. The sense of security we value feeling in our home is marred. Instead, we feel vulnerable and violated. I keep imagining someone in our home, looking at the pictures on our walls and harming us anyway. They stole something out of my child’s bedroom.

We’re shaken up enough that we’re making some decisions about our home security. In the mean time, I’m still processing what happened. Recently, though, it’s occurred to me that perhaps it’s good to be shaken occasionally — to be reminded that things are just things and this world we live in is temporary; it’s not our home. The security we feel in our living rooms behind locked doors should be held loosely and our trust placed in the unshakable grip Jesus has on us.

Tom and I are angry, but we’re thankful because this could have been worse, much worse. We’re thankful but we’re also anxious, and praying that this will teach us to trust God anew.




  1. Lara September 22, 2014

    Oh man! That stinks big time. A few weeks ago, I was on a walk with our baby. It was broad daylight, about 11 am. As I was heading back home, an acquaintance driving by stopped me and told me he thought our house was getting robbed. He had seen some men shaking our doors. (And…I usually leave the back door unlocked when I walk, but for some reason that day, I had locked it.) Man, did my heart start to race! Long story short, it ended up being our neighbor’s son and some rough friends trying to borrow our lawnmower…but it still was so frightening. I totally get that sense of violation and feeling unsure in a place that usually is the safest cocoon there is. Also get the tension of realizing that none of this is mine anyway to protect. Aghh. Tough stuff.

    So glad they didn’t get more and that all of you are okay. Praise Jesus!

  2. Chelsea @ The Contented Wife September 24, 2014

    I’m so, so, so very sorry this happened! I’ve never been robbed, and I can’t imagine how hard that would be! We did have a drunk guy show up on our deck and fall asleep out there last winter. Luckily my husband found him right before he came to bed. We called the cops and they came and arrested him. I so know what you mean about having your sense of security violated! It’s seriously one of the strangest, worst feelings I’ve ever felt. It does get better, but takes time. You are so right – we need to find our security in Jesus! In our case, I remember being scared and being glad we have a gun, but when it comes down to it, I’m glad I have Jesus as my protector! I’m so glad you and your family are ok!

  3. Cat @ MaryMarthaMama September 25, 2014

    Stopping in from the link-up… I am so sorry that this happened to you! I’m glad that you are all ok, but its understandable that you feel shaken and violated… someone was in your home! Praying that you can feel at peace again soon.

    I saw in your about page that you live in Richmond! On Grace! I used to live on Stafford between Hanover and Grove, so probably not too far from you. I moved to Ohio a few years ago and miss Richmond dearly.

  4. Nicole Hallford September 27, 2014

    Oh how awful – that sounds so unsettling!

  5. Sarah Donegan September 28, 2014

    Our cars were in our driveway a few years ago and some teenagers broke in. They didn’t get much, but the sense of loss and insecurity were there for awhile. It is so true though that this world isn’t safe and we need that reminder.
    I hope you get the ideas out of your mind and get your peace back!

  6. Sarah Ann October 3, 2014

    So scary! I can only imagine how you are on pins and needles now. Praying that you find a new sense of normalcy and peace again very soon! Thanks for sharing at the Saturday Soiree Blog Party!


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