Father-Daughter Dance 2024

The older my kids get, the more I find I really appreciate annual events. These annual markers — holidays, special events — are always the moments when I really see time passing. Otherwise it’s easy for the days to just run together, into a mush of homework, sandwich crusts, and the odd pajama day here and there.

That concept hit hard watching Mary get ready for the Father-Daughter Dance this year.

It’s the same event we’ve been dressing up for since 2016, but wow has my little girl changed.

This year Mary did her own makeup, had a very clear vision for her hair, and wore high heels. Oh and it was her makeup. It wasn’t me dumping my eyeshadows out on the counter and letting her choose her favorite color.

It’s a huge shift from the days of sparkly shoes and a princess dress and it hit me square in the gut. I mean that in the best possible way. You can’t be anything but sentimental watching your daughter put on mascara for a special night with her dad and sister.

Anna was a ball of excitement about the whole thing. She couldn’t quite remember the last dance, but with a promise of treats and her best friend in attendance, she threw on the sparkly dress she never got to wear on Christmas Eve and put on her dancing boots. Just add a chic ponytail, decline lip gloss or cheek rouge, and she’s ready to go.

Meanwhile, the boys and I got Chinese takeout and I let them play video games while I got a few things done in the house. Also different than the years we went to Target to pick out a toy and have a personal pan pizza.

The girls got home just after 9. They were happily chatting about how much fun the dance was, and I reflexively ushered them upstairs to bed.

“Mom? Why do we have to go to bed right now?” Mary asked.

Whoops, there’s another change. Now when they get home after 9 p.m., it’s no longer way past the kids’ bedtime but dangerously close to mine.


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  1. Mysa York February 22, 2024

    Thanks for sharing your experience at the father-daughter dance! It sounds like a heartwarming and memorable event. Moments like these are truly special and create lasting memories for both fathers and daughters.


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