Deja baby

I get a lot of comments about how similar my kids look. “There’s a Krieger prototype,” I always respond.

The truth is, though, I see my kids’ personalities so clearly that I really don’t think David and Mary Virginia look alike at all. And I used to joke that I could interchange the boys’ baby pictures, but but the older Thomas gets the less he looks like his big brother.

Arguing with strangers isn’t worth it, though. You won’t change my mind and I won’t change yours. But for the record, the mother is always right on the subject. Here’s proof — next time you see a set of twins, challenge the mother to a contest where you try to guess which twin is which. The mom (perhaps I should be saying “parent”, but I’m a mom, so I’m speaking for myself) will destroy you because the mom sees intricacies and nuances in a child’s features and personality. But mostly because WHY do strangers think they know your children better than you do? WHY?

Unrelated, I commonly mix up my boys’ names.

A few days ago, Thomas was chasing a ball in the dining room and I grabbed the camera because he was wearing the same outfit, at the same age, doing the exact same thing in the same corner of the dining room as his brother did four years ago.

The only difference is that — as a result of years of baby proofing — David is playing with cookbooks and wooden ball; Thomas is playing with kid plates and a plastic toy cabbage.

Click here (and scroll down a bit) to compare with David’s pics. See what I mean? They look nothing alike. It’s like they have different parents.

thomas12mos 4

thomas12mos 3

thomas12mos 2

thomas12mos 1

Thanks to Candace for making this side-by-side photo for easier comparison.



  1. JennyLynn May 6, 2016

    It’s the eyes. They look different in their eyes 🙂 And I think David looks more like you in his pictures from then.

  2. Meredith May 7, 2016

    So similar!!! It’s the same for the White baby prototype. (Our name is awkward regardless of how I word anything so I’ve given up attempting). Amelia and Addie are carbon copies so far but personalities are sooo different, I can tell that even now. Also do you read camp Patton because she did the very same post today! So funny!

  3. Carie May 7, 2016

    We’ve got a pretty strong baby prototype too but when you’re with them every moment of their lives you see the differences. My mum was an identical twin and I never confused her with my aunt or went to the wrong mum because I knew mine so well I could see the difference. My cousins got horribly confused though!


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