The newest member of the pack

When Thomas was just a few hours old, Tom brought the kids to the hospital to meet him. David was extremely uncomfortable when he came to meet Mary Virginia in the hospital, so this time I planned ahead with lollipops.

“Mommy, where’d you get these lollipops?” David asked me, because he thinks that lollipops are contraband that have to be swallowed whole and smuggled across the border. DO NOT TELL HIM they’re at Kroger. Or that there’s a whole bag hidden in my closet.

“Baby Thomas brought them for you!” I answered.

“He DID? Moh-mmyyyyy. How did baby Thomas get these in your belly?”

Touche, kid. You caught me in one of those parenting lies that I didn’t even realize was a lie until you asked me to explain. Well, here’s the explanation. When you go home, ask Aunt Kristie. She’ll explain everything.

siblings 1

siblings 2

The kids were sort of interested in their new brother, but only when we really encouraged them. They were more taken with the lollipops and the hospital room. They looked out the window the whole time, which overlooked another part of the hospital and a bunch of rocks. And they kept enthusiastically telling me about the trash they could see from the window. A hanger! A hat! Like, Mommy, when you told about the baby you didn’t mention the lollipops and the LITTER! You should have a baby more often!

siblings 4

Thomas’s cousin Gabby was much more interested than his siblings were. Kids are more excited about new babies, my sister explained, when you aren’t being de-throned.

siblings 3

Now that we’re home, the kids are more interested. David loves to hold baby Thomas, and  Mary Virginia loves to look at him and ask, over and over, “What’s he doin?” Then she giggles, “What’s he doin?” And repeat.

siblings 7

siblings 8

And they check on him, my little not-helpers. They love to sneak off and check on him. At night he sleeps in a Moses basket by me, and during the day when he’s napping I put the Moses basket in his crib where the kids can’t reach him.

siblings 5

siblings 6

I don’t think they can, anyway. But until I’m sure, I’m making them both wear bells.


  1. Meredith June 9, 2015

    Ahh! Looks like they are doing so well with him! Love the last pic of her on the crib. No time at all before she is in the basket with him.

  2. Whitney June 9, 2015

    I love that sucker story. Kids are so clever. I also love that you’ve got such a great strategy for protecting #3. He’ll thank you for it one day. Thanks for the sibling update. Hope you’re all doing well 🙂

  3. Aw. I love the photo of them looking out the window at the rubbish and your husband having a tender moment wit baby Thomas. So sweet! {I love it when Daddies are all mushy about their babies!} Hope you’re recovering and coping!


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