Brotherly love, or something like it

David loves holding baby Thomas. He asks to hold him twice as often as Mary Virginia does, and she asks a lot.

“Mommy, I wish baby Thomas could be in my belly,” David said to me the other day.

He says that, but I don’t think he’s prepared for the stretch marks, heartburn, or nine months without wearing his favorite Lightning McQueen t-shirt.

David is certain that he and baby Thomas have a bond; if Thomas is fussy, he offers to help. “Let me hold him, Mommy. Baby Thomas likes me.”

brotherlylove 2

David’s nickname for Thomas is “Thomas-y.” For now, he uses it as a term of endearment, but I can already imagine it as part of David’s big-brother-mocking repertoire.

And when the day comes that David calls out, “Thomas-yyyyy” to taunt his little brother, I’ll gently remind Thomas that throughout his childhood, we called David Froodle Doodle, and he loved it.

brotherlylove 1

“Mommy, we should keep baby Thomas forever,” David told me. “We shouldn’t get rid of him.”

[Thomas is the first family member David has wanted to keep. He often suggests that we get rid of Mary Virginia or me. He occasionally wants to get rid of Daddy, too.]

“Really,” I responded. “Why do you think we should keep him?”

“Because he’s the cutest of all of us.”

The kid has a point.

And then, David leaned down and whispered to Thomas, “Boy power!”

brotherlylove 3


  1. carie July 16, 2015

    Aww! Boy power indeed, it’s so sweet and lovely that David is such a caring big brother, and he’s on to something, Thomas is an incredibly cute baby boy

  2. Lisa @ Fun Money Mom July 16, 2015

    Oh my gosh…how adorable!!! My oldest is like a second mommy to our three year old and it just makes my heart melt sometimes. Your boys are precious!

    Visiting from Mom Blogs Party

  3. candace July 16, 2015

    so cute!!

  4. Dawn July 18, 2015

    Precious. Keep this to remind them that they once loved one another. 🙂
    My girls have a bond though they are 7 years apart that is so beautiful. My oldest having chronic health issues has struggled over the years to communicate her heart well, but her sister, she gets her language and gets her unspoken messages. I bet your boys will have that! It is a gift to see your kiddos love the way we are made to love.


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