The first day of Fifth, fourth, and first grade

Back to school!

Fifth grade, fourth grade, and first grade.

School started for my kids exactly two days after we got back from our week in Deer Valley. On their first day of school they still had mosquito bites and camp songs stuck in their heads. They went directly from their sleeping bags and bunk beds to backpacks at the bus stop.

That’s how it felt, anyway.

(Those far-off glazes are bc the kids are camp-lagged. It’s like jet-lag but with s’mores.)

If you know me well, you know that I’m not great at things like preparing and organizing. I’m like the exact opposite of whoever is in charge of getting the Christmas decorations on the Target shelves in September.

I’m much more of a “Hey! Let’s take a beat! Let’s marinate for a few days before we move on!” type of person.

The vacation to school transition was a bit of a whiplash for all of us.

EVEN THOUGH I got all of their school supplies ordered and organized BEFORE we left for Deer Valley (pause for applause). EVEN THOUGH I cleared our schedule all weekend so we could recover from a tiring week and prepare for the big week ahead (I’d like to thank the Academy). It was still a tough to transition from incredible-vacation-in-the-mountains to running to the bus stop. It made the start of school feel surreal. Even more surreal than it normally does.

Kids get on the bus; I’ll get back to that giant pile of vacation laundry.

(I told them to take a silly photo. This is the best we could do.)

Maybe it’s better that I didn’t have time to linger on the transition, since I’m so prone to getting stuck in a self-created quagmire of sentimentality. This much more of a rip-off-the-Band-Aid situation.

After the bus picked up the kids, Tom remarked, “You didn’t cry this time!” That’s right, I didn’t. I barely had time to run their water bottles through the dishwasher, I definitely didn’t have time to spend an evening looking at their baby pictures wondering where all the time went.

That said, I bet you can guess what I’m doing with all my new-found free time.


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