Anna’s first day of preschool

Anna started preschool on Friday.

After watching her siblings go to school every day for a month, and THEN after a COVID exposure pushed the school’s first day back a week, it’s safe to say she was R-E-A-D-Y to start school.

As in, about to burst with excitement.

She was so excited that I was tempted to lean over and clarify with Tom that she knows she’s going to school, right? She knows this is like…circle time and stuff? She doesn’t think “school” is a synonym for “Disney World” does she? Or, even better, “Grammy’s house”?

But there was no need. We’d done a classroom visit two days earlier. She met her teachers and a few classmates, painted an apple, and read a few books. Now she had her tote and her snack. She knew exactly where she was going, and she was ready.

Anna came home from her first day chatty and happy. She told me about playing on the playground, and the book the teacher read during snack time.

But the very first thing she told me was, “MOM! GUESS WHAT!? GOD MADE MY TEACHER!”

Preschool. Is there anything more wonderful?

I’m so glad Anna loves preschool, but her first day was a reminder the real gift is a school that also loves her so well.


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