Monkey hear, Monkey do

A huge part of the life of a toddler is just evolving methods for getting attention.

Anna’s newest strategy is to just yell: “MOM! MOM! MOOOOOOM!”

Not Mommy, not Mama.


It’s such a funny thing because she’s not crying, and it’s not shrill or whiny like typical toddler fussing. It’s top-of-the-lungs shouting: MOOOOOOM!

It’s the kind of thing I didn’t think I’d hear until I shrunk my teenager’s favorite sweater in the dryer, along with, “YOU’RE RUINING MY LIFE!”

The thing that makes me laugh and roll my eyes is that this is her starting point. A nanosecond after she realizes she needs something, she starts shouting. There is no wind up. There is no, “Hey, Mom? When you get a chance can you help me?”

She does it when she’s scared (like when she climbs on the table and can’t figure out how to get down), or when she wants a snack. She does it when her doll stroller’s straps are twisted, and she does it when her brother swipes her toy.

When we’re reading and she points to a cloud or a star, she asks me what it is by screaming, “MOM! MOM! MOOOOOOOOM!” As if she’s not sitting in my lap, my ear two inches from her mouth. Who knows? Maybe I’m distracted. Might as well shout just in case.

One morning Anna was trying to get my attention while I was making breakfast. “MOOOOOM! MOOOOOOOOOM! MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM! MOOOOOOOOM!” she screamed.

Unable to drop everything immediately, I finished what I was doing and she kept shouting at me.

David was next to her on the couch, curled in his favorite spot reading. He pulled a blanket over his head, and yelled into the kitchen, “Ugh! MOOOOM! Can you make Anna stop?!?” he shouted.  “Where did she learn to yell like that???”



  1. Joy January 28, 2020

    That’s too cute and funny! Especially your son’s oblivion. Love it. I enjoyed reading about your experience in full detail with your children. You are a great writer indeed. All the best to you fellow toddler mama!

  2. Abby January 28, 2020

    LOL this was hilarious!

  3. Samantha Smart January 28, 2020

    HA!! My son does the same thing lately! He will yell “Mom! Mom!” It came out of nowhere (he has always called me mommy – he is 4) and it just cracks us all up!


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