Learning the birthday ropes

To celebrate Anna’s birthday, I got one of those mylar number balloons that I see all over Instagram and blogs. They are completely unoriginal and #basic, but what the heck? They make for an excellent photo, everyone knows it.

It was cloudy and rainy on Anna’s birthday, so I set up the balloon near a window, and after her morning nap I showed it to her and waited for the staged-photo magic to unfold.

Anna took one look at that gigantic, shiny, noisy balloon and was absolutely, positively terrified.

Photoshoot over.

Even after I picked her up, she kept crying and clutching like a baby monkey. I immediately decided to abandon the entire thing. How do people manage to have these cooperative babies who wear flower crowns and tolerate mylar balloons?

Anna kept crying until Thomas (who was not dressed for and was not invited to the photo shoot…) wandered in.

When Anna saw Thomas approach the balloon, she had the courage to do the same. And when he patted the balloon, she did too.

Big brother showed her that everything was ok.

I didn’t get my staged picture, but this will be my favorite memory from her first birthday.

It’s not that youngest needs their older siblings to blaze the trail, but they’re nice to have around for a little reassurance along the way.

Even on birthdays.

Getting help blowing out her candle.

A big sister tutorial on how to eat a cupcake. (Anna never figured it out. She smashed her cupcake and threw it on the ground.)

Happy birthday, sweet girl.


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  1. Amy @ She Runs By Faith November 17, 2018

    Ha! I love this! Those number blow up things are totally #basic (I feel so hip just typing that 😉 and you did get some nice, totally memorable shots with it! Happy birthday, Anna ❤️

    We don’t have any cooperative birthday picture posing babies in this house either. C’s birthday cake ended up on the floor, where 3 year old brother then ate it. Gross, right?

    Your kids are precious. And this season is chock full of precious, and sometimes disgusting, sibling memories! That’s what siblings are for, right? 😉


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