Semantics (a celebration of fall)

Last week Tom had a minor eye injury. That’s how Thomas, Anna, and I found ourselves having lunch on a 97-degree day at a picnic table in an office park. Because we had to give Daddy a ride to the optometrist, and I needed to figure out what to do with my two toddlers during his appointment.

We drove around and spotted a little cluster of picnic tables in the shade.  Trying to be polite, we sat as far as we could from a guy who happened to be on his lunch break at the same time. He literally did not look up from his phone one time lest the mom with two toddlers tried to engage him in conversation. Not even when I was doubled-over with laughter at Thomas.

Thomas took a bite of his lunch and asked me, “Mommy is it fall?”

“It is fall!” I responded. It was the first day of October and I thought maybe they’d talked about seasons in preschool that morning. “Are you learning about fall in school?”

“No, I knowed it’s fall because I just saw a pinecone fall. Well, actually I HEARD a pinecone fall,” he responded.

“Oh. What sound does a pinecone make when it falls?” I asked.

“BOOM!” he shouted in his best 4-year old unable-to-regulate-volume voice. Then he paused, cut his eyes to the side and whispered, “Shaka Laka.”



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  1. Brenda Payne October 8, 2019

    I didn’t see that comin’! Love it! One more story to weave into that tale you are gonna write via a novel one day 🙂


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